The Crosses - Katherine King

The Crosses

By Katherine King

  • Release Date: 2017-07-27
  • Genre: Religious


The Crosses

By: Katherine King

During an emergency trip to a hardware store for supplies, Kathy finds a metal bucket full of crosses with a handwritten sign that read Free. Intrigued by the crosses and a personal opinion that nothing is truly free, she investigates. The story of the crosses inspires her to write this book. Over halfway into writing, Kathy learns that the tale she was first told is only a fraction of the truth behind the crosses and she struggles to accept anything different from what she had grown to love and think of as the real story. Besides, it would be too difficult to change the storys beginning now. What was she to do? Seek publication of a book based upon false information? As the real truth begins to unfold, reality takes Kathys disappointment down a surprising path that will test her faith and obedience to God as it awakens a revelation that the purpose for this book to be written was not about the person or the story behind the crosses, but about miracles that come from sacrifice, receiving and giving. The Crosses is based on a true beginning that changed and is still changing the lives of many in ways they could never imagine. It is a book filled with hope, inspiration, and faith.

Kathy King