Check - Alison James


By Alison James

  • Release Date: 2011-10-02
  • Genre: Fiction & Literature


Conflicting worlds collide in this two-volume episode of the LANDFALL series. The exotic wealth of Jamaica is founded on human misery as slaves toil and their owners indulge in luxury and corruption; slave-ships ply their terrible trade across the Atlantic; and in-between, aboard the frigate HMS Turk, Captain Sir Edward Pelham R.N. tries to run a fair, clean & tight ship - and faces dire choices where duty, chance and conscience intersect. The year is 1795: Edward is just thirty, an unhappy marriage behind him and still several years to go before the events of LANDFALL: Calm At The Eye. Filled with the vivid period detail and compassionate sensuality that is Alison James' hallmark, this is a story of high adventure, cruelty, humanity and profound psychological insight. Action, suffering and humour take turns as compelling characters cross paths by chance and end up forever connected.